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Warning – Motorsport is Dangerous!
It's also a huge amount of fun and can be very fulfilling.
The trouble is it is also rather expensive, never shy of a challenge this site has some ideas on how to get automotive thrills without going bust. Probably.
    Some Cars and their stories.  

Jaguar XJ-S V12 - Part 1 - Creation

    Part 2 - the first few races.  
    Part3 - Evolution, sort of.  
 Techy Info :  
 Land Rover Tomcat 4x4 - Part 1 - Build  
Basics: Tyre and suspension set up  Part 2 - racing and some crashing.  
Theory of cheap motorsport Tyre info      
The trackday explained Suspension on the cheap      
  String theory  
BMW E30 - Part 1 - Build  
Race licence, memberships and fees. Mighty MMI       
Sponsorship Towing      
Dataloggers Brakes      

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